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How we get your Ice!!

We've often thought we should be featured on "How's It Made", when it comes to supplying you with ice.

In order to keep your fish cold for transporting, or chilling your favourite beverages in a cooler, there is quite a procedure that takes place behind the scenes to get this ice. We've had so many ask about the ice, we thought we would feature it in our Ice Cutting Gallery for you.

Keep in mind that Lady Evelyn Lake can be very unsafe in the Winter. The lake out front of Camp rarely freezes. We have fought slush, sleet, freezing rain, wind, white outs, blizzards, and open water in order to fill the ice house each year.

The Ice Cutting weekend starts from Mowats Landing where we unload the snowmobiles for the 45 minute trip to camp.

The Ice field is prepared for cutting by removing the snow with snow blower and shovels.

The Ice is then cut into approx 12”-16” square blocks using a very scary looking saw that is operated by a highly skilled (we think crazy) individual, usually cousin Jeff Seed. Each block weighs approx. 40-50 lbs.


A spud bar is then used to break the blocks away from the ice. They are lifted from the ice using tongs, and piled to be transported to the ice house via snow-machine and sleigh.


Once the blocks are loaded onto the sleighs, they are transported from the ice field to the Ice House where they are strategically placed.


Yes it is an Ice House in the middle of winter but it’s a hot job!

Every row is covered with snow to fill the voids, this helps keep the air from circulating around the blocks during the summer and helps keep the ice from thawing. Several garbage cans are filled with snow for the Ice House.

Once all 600+ blocks are in the Ice House, its time to cover the top with a couple of feet of sawdust to insulate the ice from the hot summer days.

The ice field is flooded to freeze, to ensure the lake is safe for other winter travellers.

Meanwhile back at camp the Chef is cooking up a feast for the hungry workers who will appreciate the warmth and comfort of a cozy cabin and a hot delicious meal!

In the Fall after the fishing season is over we clean out the Ice House in preparation for next years Ice Cutting Trip. We usually throw out a few blocks of ice every fall, and the ice is still good!

Let us know if you want to help with the Ice Cut next season, all you need is a snow machine, and a strong back!


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